AI & The End Of Awful

In the 1,5 years since ChatGPT surfaced, Generative AI has been deeply transforming how we work, learn and how we connect with customers. This is just the beginning, and as with many paradigm shifts, there is an incredible amount of potential for productivity, growth and augmentation. On the other hand, we are facing quite a few challenges, too, as the old flows into the new. 

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In this brand-new e-book by Steven Van Belleghem and me, we want to examine how AI tools like ChatGPT, Claude and Microsoft Co-Pilot are reshaping professional output and customer interactions. As AI eliminates the 'awful' aspects of work and customer experience, we also face an unprecedented rise of mediocrity. How will individuals cope with that? How will organizations? How will you?

That’s what we want to help answer here.


Ai And The End Of Awful