The Network Always Wins

In The Network Always Wins (expected release date: first half of 2015), Peter Hinssen explores the enormous opportunities in our completely networked world. Perhaps the strangest thing about networks is that they grow without a grand design. In that respect, they’re much more organic than any structure we deliberately create in our organizations.

The Internet – the network that has transformed our lives and society – was created not to execute a strategic blueprint but simply to grow. The network on which we have become dependent to communicate, to receive news, to work and shop and bank and book holidays, was never designed to help us do any of those things. It wasn’t even designed, period. It just grew.

That fact can be vexing to technologists seeking to create logical systems that bring control and certainty to an increasingly volatile world. But those who cling to this nostalgic goal are doomed to fail.

In this age of uncertainty, the best hope for organizations is to learn how networks operate so that they can become more like networks themselves. In an era of fluid strategy, companies have to act more quickly – and be more agile – than ever before. Their future – like ours – depends on it.

The Network Always Wins will be a source of inspiration to any business person who deals with customers, partners and employees, and who feels the need to adapt the internal workings of his job, team or company to the way the world around him is evolving. The Network Always Wins will make you alert and open your eyes to the biggest shift in society and business we have witnessed so far.

The Network Always Wins

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The Network Always Wins

Expected release date: first half of 2015

The Network Always Wins is currently out as a BETA version.

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