Altering the fabric of reality: how augmented and virtual reality are shaping our ‘Day After Tomorrow’

When I hear people talk about mediated reality, it always strikes me how they underestimate it and how they (ironically) fail to see what’s beneath the often gimmicky surface. But the implications of VR and AR – when they are seamlessly integrated or flawlessly replacing our reality – will run deep. 

2019 03 29

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR), the subject of the e-book you can download here below, will play a huge part in shaping our ‘Day After Tomorrow’. Many of us are watching its developments with great interest: how Apple, Facebook, Magic Leap, Microsoft and many others are competing against each other to create augmented reality glasses that could supplant our smartphone as the primary computing device. Or how AR is helping technicians find and resolve defects in complex machinery a lot quicker. How schools can use AR & VR to help students learn better. How people are using VR to confront and overcome fears.

But, if we’re truly honest, a lot of us don’t see the current value of AR & VR for our organizations. Not yet, anyway. It seems something for a future so far away that we’re not concerned about it. But we should be. 

Because, in exponential times like these, emerging trends and developments –especially in tech – evolve at breakneck speed and will become ‘normal’ and pervasive a lot faster than ever before. That’s why you should experiment with radical innovation, however ‘far out’ these endeavors might seem (to a board and Management that mostly want to know how they can create value for ‘Today’). Basically, everything is in place for AR & VR to make that giant leap that will change the face of every possible industry and even that of mankind. Don’t wait until it’s too late. The opportunities are endless.

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