Peter Hinssen launches fifth company: Nexxworks

Serial entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker Peter Hinssen and Danny Van D'huynslager, former chief executive at Celerant Consulting and an expert in operational excellence, strategy and innovation, are launching nexxworks. Nexxworks wants to prepare large international companies – that have trouble innovating fast and radically enough because of their size and structure – for the disruption of their sector by unexpected challengers like AirBnB, Netflix or Uber. Such digitally driven newcomers are a direct attack on existing business models and profit margins. That is why more and more traditional organisations are struggling to survive.
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The idea for nexxworks grew out of Peters latest book `The Network Always Wins’ – which is currently available in beta version and will be published at the end of 2014 by McGraw Hill – as well as out of the many experiences of Peter and Danny with international companies and their challenges.

“Digital is just the start”, says Peter Hinssen, co-founder and chairman of nexxworks. “We are on the eve of a ‘disruptive innovation’ revolution which is powered by networks. Technology has made sure that everything is permanently connected and this has completely transformed our behaviour. And I mean everyone’s behaviour, not just that of the digital natives. That’s because information flows faster in networks and innovation happens faster – and, above all, cheaper – there. Today, every young (wo)man with a great idea and very little start-up capital can disrupt an entire industry. Networks are the reason that our society is evolving from a hierarchy to a meritocracy or that we share more and more with one another, without having to end up with less. This has enormous consequences for companies that need to learn how to function as a network themselves.”

“The problem is that many organisations – especially the big players with traditional structures and policy standards – have not yet adapted to the revolution we are experiencing”, adds nexxworks co-founder and CEO Danny Van D'huynslager. “A lot of them do not seem to understand that the AirBnB of their sector will surface soon enough and that, by then, it will probably be too late to adapt. That is why nexxworks wants to embed large companies in a broad and diverse network – consisting of pioneering entrepreneurs, talented young wolves and experts in radical innovation – so that they can re-acquire the flexibility, speed and innovation audacity of a start-up.”

The brand-new company is currently expanding its very own network and opens its doors for negotiations with various types of partners: ranging from suppliers of collaborative online platforms to innovation labs, specialists in cross-fertilizing innovation or academic institutions. On top of that, nexxworks is recruiting intensively. It focuses on various types of candidate profiles that have experience with networked management as well as LEAN start-up and ‘responsive organisation’ models: young business talents with digital flair, experienced entrepreneurs and specialists in radical innovation. 

Together with Connected Visions, nexxworks organises a series of inspiring events about ‘Disruptive Innovation’. The most recently launched is ‘Disruption Day’, which will take place on 18 and 19 November 2014.