Lindsay Paterson, Group Practice Director, Interel (June 2016)

Peter spoke at our Global Public Affairs Summit and took us on a rollercoaster ride, which shook us all up and got us focusing firmly on The Day After Tomorrow. His presentation style is compelling, funny, surprising and slick. But more importantly, his grasp of the issues business and government face as technology speeds up the S curve of innovation is second to none. Peter, we’d love to have you back next year!

Mark Lerner, President and COO, GOJO (January 2016)

As a privately held, family-owned company for over 70 years, GOJO understands and has achieved success as a neural networked organization. We selected Peter for a keynote speaker at GOJO to continue to excite the team about the present and future impact of networked organizations, digital technology, and societal change on our business and lives. Peter certainly met and exceeded our expectations with his powerful content and visually-arresting examples. He validated the significance of our unique networked organization by vividly explaining that networked organizations are essential in today’s digital economy to achieve both internal employee engagement and external customer value.

Barrie Desmond, Group Director Marketing & Global Accounts Exclusive Networks (January 2014)

Never before have I had such a positive and overwhelming reaction to a key note speaker. Peter spoke at our recent company kick off and gave a wonderful insight to how business, technology and behaviors are changing in a rapidly evolving environment. An excellent speaker, funny, informative and very insightful. We’re going to find it hard to replicate the buzz and impact that Peter created, a true testament to his wonderful style and approach. Fantastic! 

Sharon Jeske, Director Operational Excellence The Consumer Goods Forum (November 2013)

Peter Hinssen was the star speaker at the Consumer Goods Forum Operational Excellence Conference which took place in London early November 2013. The participants who attended this global event rated Peter with a perfect score: 5.0 out of 5.0. We keep inviting Peter back; this was the fifth time we invited Peter to speak at the Consumer Goods Forum. Why? Because Peter systematically delivers a value to our audience of senior executives from the CPG sector.

Penni Geller, Sr Director Marketing Communications CA Technologies (December 2012)

​Peter, again, surprised and delighted us with his interpretation of ‘digital in the age of now’ and the value of ‘networked intelligence’.  His perspectives and observations serve as a catalyst to IT Leaders around the globe and always leave us wanting more insights from this brilliant visionary.  He provides the audience with more to think about than when they arrived and I’ve heard from many how attending one of his talks has spurred innovation for their organizations in both IT and the business they are in. 

Colin Bannister, VP & CTO UKI CA Technologies (June 2012)

Peter’s presentation was highly stimulating and motivational on two levels; firstly the content was compelling, informative, and very thought provoking; secondly his delivery style and approach is captivating, a lesson to all of us who regularly do presentations!

Walter Kirchmann, FI-TS (March 2012)

Peter Hinssen gave a rocket launch to the 11. FI-TS Management-Forum. Sharing his thoughts about the impact of IT on the society caught our audience - even if it was early in the morning. His vision of the “New Normal” was highly inspiring - as was his careful selection of extraordinarily entertaining visual material. Peter’s brilliant presentation left us with a sustainable, thought-provoking impulse. Peter has outperformed our expectations by far: Even weeks afterwards, our guests are talking about his speech, stressing the superior quality.

Philippe Gosseye, EMEA Business Development Director EMC Greenplum (February 2012)

Peter is not just a keynote speaker to me. With Peter we started the journey of Content Marketing. We want to inspire people with great content and the keynotes are enriched with Though Leadership content. Peter is also adapting all the time to the audience. This is Presentation Agility.

Caroline Basyn, Global Chief Information Officer Bacardi Limited (January 2012)

We are in the process of an IT transformation and Peter’s opening presentation at our Shaping the Future workshop set the stage for a dynamic and productive week. He inspired my team of top leaders through his illuminating portrait of the IT landscape and insight into where IT and technology are going next. The rules of the game have changed dramatically in the last decade and Peter’s visionary thinking together with his deep understanding of social trends and the related business challenges should be essential reading—or hearing—for all leaders!

Michael Bakker, Rabobank Netherlands (September 2011)

We have thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiastic story at the Rabobank ICT Masterclass. It contained a lot of humor as well as valuable insights about the proliferation of IT in our society and for the future. Our bank is changing and during this process it is good that you hold up a ‘mirror’ to us. In any case I hope Rabobank will schedule you once more on these subjects and I sincerely hope to be present again.

Erin Lanciani, Director Human Resources, European Functions, Bristol Myers-Squibb (March 2011)

Peter came and spoke to our top 200 leaders. It is one of the most engaging and inspiring talks we have ever seen. He captivated the audience for an entire hour, made us think differently and links technology and leadership in a way that is unparalleled. It was fantastic, inspiring and would highly recommend him to anyone!

Brian Gillooly, InformationWeek Business Technology Network (California, September 2010)

Peter Hinssen’s keynote presentation at the InformationWeek 500 Conference in September 2010 on ‘The New Normal’ was described to me by attendees as ‘mind-blowing,’ ‘game-changing,’ and ‘the perfect capstone to this event.’ I’ve worked with Peter on several events and been extremely impressed with his work, but the combination of insight, charisma, and dead-on application of ideas to our event’s theme this time around was the best I’ve seen. His closing keynote took an already successful event and converted the conference into one of those memorable industry moments that I’m sure our attendees will look back on someday and say ‘I was there when…

Henri Putseys, European Commission (Brussels, June 2010)

Peter has given the “perfect” keynote talk about The New Normal at the ICT 2010 “Bridging the Gap” Conference in Brussels at the European Commission. Given the pace of evolution in technology and the impact of digital society, the alignment gap between Business and IT goes to zero. Peter illustrated The New Normal, visionary and full of passion sometimes in a hilarious but at the same time inspirational and highly educational session. His entertaining keynote was an explosion of mind blowing visual gadgets intermixed with cool ideas. It was, most probably, the best engaging presentation ever given in this large auditorium. Peter left a fascinated and amused audience behind, ideally prepared for the closing Conference cocktail.

Luc Missorten, Corelio (Brussels, June 2010)

Peter Hinssen was the keynote speaker at our Corelio.next get-together, an event which we organize on a yearly basis. As wake-up call, Peter’s presentation could count! His futuristic views, creative ideas, eye-opening provocations have been tremendously appreciated by our senior management group. It stimulates us, without any doubt, to think outside the box and to lift the bar. Moreover, Peter’s participation at the Q&A-session allowed our group to dig deeper into issues of particular concern to the media industry. Fantastic presentation, superb entertainment value brought by an excellent speaker. Highly recommended!

Michel Stuijt, Equens SE (Brussels, June 2010)

During an Equens event in the Cards and Payments market Peter gave a sparkling keynote presentation about The New Normal in Financial Markets - the true impact of the digital revolution. He gave the European banks a reflecting insight about their way of dealing with IT (people and daily business) in the payments market. For us it was a brilliant, inspirational way of presenting and creating awareness.

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